Saturday, January 28, 2006

Actors' faces for sale

So, as poor and desperate as we are, what can make fast money? Our own faces!!!!

Plaster of Paris is known for medical purpose. It was not easy to buy as Ly was refused once by Vietnam-Germany hospital because she didnot know what size her "doctor" recommended, several medical stores also confirmed that only V-G hospital sells plaster of paris.

A 20 cm roll of plaster paris costs 35 thousands VND, enough to make 2 faces. Mask-making is a great revenge tool as the mask-maker can add or remove detail on the mask while pretending to massage the "mold". It is also a great way for self-actualisation, Bang couldn't accept his own face, he is shock until now.. while everybody agrees the mask is his exact face!

"Alo, I am busy .. can't talk right now!"

A second before Bang got the shock of his life..

the hounted window

We are also competing to see whose face sold fastest.., and whose face will remain untouched. Wait until S.A.S


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