Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bye bye playwrights

Right, we are talking about devised theatre where a playwright means "very little right in the play". To be clearer, it means a responsible person who takes note and records every single words and detail while rest of the team are devising the piece, similar to a person who takes minute in a meeting.

That's how SameStuff team create theatre. Anything can come out of anything. history of a character could be suggested from the broken chair we sat on, mood of the scene we are working on could be inspired by the pimples on someone's face, the whole story could be driven from a 3 year old baby's singing..etc .. There are constant changes and revision of what we just decided on, for better. Every members are responsible and play equally important roles in the theatre making process, everybody contributes to the development of the story and the artistic expression. Ofcourse, the role of the director as a decision making head is the most important, if the performance is not about actors killing each other live on site!

"Theatre, after all, is a collaborative art: all the devising process does is take that collaboration a step further" (Peter Lathan)


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