Thursday, January 19, 2006

Long live the ceiling fan!

We were really lucky to have Truong, a known hip hop dancer in Hanoi, helping our baby with technical part of hip-hop dancing. On a side note, Ly has been so excited and she is persuading Truong to trade hip hop with her salsa..

Many of SameStuff members are busy with their own work and study, but we are glad to still have time to rehearse and plan SameStuff's future. We hope S.A.S will be a successful event so that we don't have to hang our backdrop on a ceiling fan anymore. It's a cool innitiative for set changing as the scene can be flipped, but not when we want the fan to play its real function!!!

Apparently Bang was very excited with our new prop .It is shocking, but it is not what you think, m'kay? Have faith in us.


Blogger Fellow Traveler said...

interesting! i don't know much about threate and art in general, but i highly appreciate you all doing this. This can be a very useful source!

12:09 PM  

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