Monday, January 02, 2006

Nguyen Vy Dung

..on 8 April 1983 a beautiful baby girl was born.. Her name is Nguyen Vy Dung and she is now 23 years old, she is also known as the 4rth most beautiful lady in SameStuff Theatre (by the way SameStuff Theatre has only 4 girls). And that girl is me!

I am also a member of Hanoi Reproductive Health theare group. In this group I was trained in many physical and theatrical skills. It was really wonderful because I could merge myself in creativity and new ideas.
However, when the group started performing, it was not as what I wished or imagined. There was very limited room for creativity or exploration, this is partly because the project focuses on students in schools, and definitely artistic aspect was not its priority.

I was afraid if this situation kept going the way it was, my artistic sense would go soon!

And then one day there was this "fairy" who came to me and said "Now there is a place for you to do whatever you want!" - note: the "fairy" is only 25 years old, I bet you know who she is! The team was ready, and now I am one of 7 members in SameStuff Theatre!

I love SameStuff and will do all I can for it! I also treasure RH Theatre group as without it I am not here today to be in SameStuff Theatre!


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