Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Phan Khanh Bang

I was born in 15 July 1988. When I was 15 I participated in a theatre training course by artists of the David Glass Ensemble and Vietnam Stage Artist Association.

We learned mime, physical theatre, dance, MC skills, directing, play writing, and especially acting. Besides we were also trained in group working and life skills. The special thing is in 9 months of training the teaching was conducted in a a totally new way that encourages our creativity. We didnot have to write and read, but learned from theatre games.

My strength is physical movement. Like many other at my age, I like travelling, living independent life.. and online games. I love to be a gamer but to be frank I have never been good enough to be the leader.

My favourite quotes:
“9/10 of wisedom is cleverness at the right time"
“Weights can't be exchanged for a scales, lengths can't be exchanged for a ruler"

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