Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Phan Y Ly

Hi there,

I was born in 12 August 1981. Before founding SameStuff Theatre I used to work in United Nation Development Programmes and international Non-Government Organisation in Vietnam.

Though people always said I am artistic and "mad", I never thought of myself doing any serious arts. So like a good girl I went and took a degree in Sociology and Psychology, settled myself in a cozy office, by a small table, booking taxi and translating stuff. Of course I did try to make my spreadsheet fancier and my reports had more story elements than my colleagues'.. but that's an old story!

My lifestyle and belief pull me closer to artistic personalities, with these friends I found myself inspired to be the first Vietnamese Chevening scholar to do MA in Theatre and Media in Development in the UK.

Instead of "studying" other's art work, I found myself creating and breathing every bit of colour, sounds, movement.. I live happier. My friend Paul Zetter said "If something is inside you, it ought to come out.."

So, SameStuff Theatre is part of me that is finally exposed to the world. I am super lucky to have artistic support from SameStuff members. They are wonderful!

SameStuff Theatre is young, but we are full of ideas to chew on!

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