Sunday, January 15, 2006

We are Starving Artists

Tet is coming, but SameStuff team is working hard to prepare for S.A.S

We started well with Marina's warm-up. Notice the back drop, it took us 1 hour to set it up!!! The back drop is made of 2 table clothes stiched together, extended by nylon string. We need it for shadow experiment. If we zoom the photo further, you will see that one end of the back drop is tied to a pile of 3 tables laying on top of each other, while the other end is securely attached to the window.

The rehearsal space is actually a meeting room borrowed from the NGO Resource Centre (thank you so much for being so generous to us!). There were ocassions where the centre's visitors came in and out of the room finding themselves in shock as they realised how the meeting room was "artistically" transformed. You are welcome. We hope we were not too noisy..

4 hrs later, Thu was finding her way back to babyhood. It is not easy to be a baby when your movements are already very skillful. "Babyhood" is part of our performance .., it is a bit serious.. we are considering to make it more relax .., after all S.A.S is a fun event, we don't want the performance to be too heavy!

Han and Dung waiting for their turns. Saw our lighting? A cheap hallugen light with coloured plastic sheet, yet it provides beautiful effect!

Hey we love to share more but we have no idea what you like to know so drop your comments and ask us questions!


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