Sunday, February 19, 2006

SameStuff Theatre on Time Out

After our performance on 11 February 2006 at Bar Barracuda, we received many positive comments from the audience. Thanks to the efforts of 7 members in SameStuff Theatre, besides performance work we had to run up and down taking care of every single thing.., huge amount of work.. but the result was worth the effort! Also thanks to everybody at Bar Barracuda for being so nice and helpful to us! The amount we raised is not much but enough to cover all the innitial investment of SameStuff Theatre, and enough for us to cover basic logistic needs without being too worried about the financial situation.

Our excitement was limitted because Dung, a very dear member to us, had to go and live abroad 3 days after the show.

Officially we now have 5 members.

Following are some comments from the audience:

"This is the first time I see something as fresh and real in Vietnam"

"it was really amazing to see so much going on in such a small space"

"It was very strong, I even dreamt about it that night"

"It's such a cool way to deal with the issue of gender preference"

" My organisation brings many artists and performers from Europe to Vietnam, but I like this better than all of them, much fresher! "

"We were suprised and confused because we couldn't believe a Vietnamese's show could have such expression, very daring, Vietnamese audience likes it!"

"I can't believe this is your first performance and that you just formed last month! I think you should try for Fringe Festival in Edinburgh"

"I rate this performance 8 out of 10, the idea of baby in the womb is not new, but the way you develop that idea is very creative"

You can read more about us in the current edition of Time Out Hanoi


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